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Great location! Right on the Boulevard of the Allies in S. Oakland. You can see the bus stops for the 67H, 53F and 53H (the 67H gets you downtown in 20 minutes or less during rush hour). Five minute walk from Forbes. Easy walking distance to Pitt. Despite being on the Boulevard, it's surprisingly quiet, though I think this is due to the thick walls more than anything else.

Your roommate would be a female Pitt student and her very friendly and extremely cute cat. You would have the front room which is rather large. Spacious shared living room, bathroom and kitchen.

Rent is $325 a month plus ~ $50 a month for utilities (electric and cable modem). It's available immediately and the lease ends August 31st, 2004. Please contact Carolee by email at for more info and to view the house.

Movie thing

Hi guys. I don't normally read dpb, but gootmu does, but I don't think he's gotten a Round Tuit(tm) yet, so I ask here:

Would anyone like to repeat last year's event for the premier of Lord of the Rings with The Two Towers?

I thought it R0X0R3D and needs to be repeated. Seriously. Anyone else?

(For those who don't know what I'm talking about - a large group had a huge buffet dinner at the Lowe's theater, then went to take our seats in the reserved section in the nice, cushy leather seats. It was way worth it.)
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Oh and...

    While I'm at it- if anyone has suggestions for interests layout, etc... Let me know. I'll add anything that amuses me as I feel like it.
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There's no poo like old poo...

Found, and tweaked for context. Especially because there are some new folks around.

(Edit- I actually tweaked it now, Q6, to be exact)

1> My responsible-sounding name is:
2> My nickname is:
3> The name(s) people actually call me is more along the lines of:
4> The thing I study/practice/would-realistically-love-to-survive-by-doing is:
5> I heard about DPB from:
6> I decided to join this despicable offspring of an unholy cross between an email list and IM because:
7> My preferred form of mental vengence is:
8> My preferred (theoretical) form of physical vengence is:
9> My expletive of choice is:
10> I am always glad to talk about:
11> I am easily riled by:
12> On a good day, my view of myself can be best described as:
13> On a bad day, my view of myself can be best described as:
14> Look! It's a monkey!:
15> One question I'd add to this list would be:
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Fuck doctors

They can't cure my diabetes. They can't cure my impotency. They're making me a fat fucking pig. What the hell good are they?

COCK demands their heads
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