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For bullcrap (slightly) related to the Camarilla organization in Pittsburgh And because it was inevitable anyway.

As a note: The Camarilla's CoC does not apply to messages in this community. You may rant, swear, insult, etc without fear of Camarilla sanctioned repercussions. That doesn't mean we won't beat you up though. -Adam Phelps

The DPB Manifesto: "Okay, right after Chuck stops talking about this dick, Mike K stops being paranoid, and M King stops liking godzilla. Then when JE, Jameel, and Fred cease bitterness, and Matt, Chad and Eternal Fish start making sense. Then right after that, you and Don stop using DPB to have sibling arguments, then Karl stops compaining about people forgetting he exists, and Janet stops turning my stomach with her wife thing, the Lees will switch bodies, Nick will stop being a prig, the trumpet wil sound and the angel will open the seventh seal and right after that I'll let you tell me what I can and can't post to bullcrap. Deal?" - Erik Caponi

That paraphrase and quote should hopefully give an idea of the wasp's neast that this may well be.
If you don't know who we are and haven't been scared away yet, feel free to join. Just note that no one here is obligated to go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Entering a group from the outside can be hard, them's the breaks. You have been warned. Stick it out, though, and we can be a great group of friends.